Chè Thái is a refreshing Vietnamese dessert drink made of tropical canned fruits, jellies, and coconut milk. It's the perfect dessert to serve when you're hosting for a lot of people, it's easy, quick, and delicious! It serves up to 10 people and will be ready under 30 minutes.

– Can water chestnuts – Tapioca starch – Red food coloring

ingredients for red rubies

– Can toddy palm's seed – Can lychee – Can jackfruit – Can longan – Can young coconut meat – Can ai-yu jelly – Can coconut milk

ingredients for Chè Thái

Cut your water chestnuts in 1/4 inch pieces. Add around 20 drops of food coloring, or enough to make them turn bright red. Mix well. Pour tapioca starch and mix until all pieces are coated. Using a strainer, sift the water chestnuts to ensure to get rid of extra tapioca starch.

How to make red rubies

Boil around 4 cups of water in a pot. Put in your red rubies and stir to prevent sticking. Cook for around 60-120 seconds or until the pieces start to float. Drain water and immediately transfer the red rubies to a bowl of ice cold water. Let sit in cold water for 10 minutes.

How to make red rubies (cont'd)

Open all your canned fruits and save the juice from the young coconut meat and your preferred canned fruit. We like the lychee juice. Slice lychee and jackfruit in thin 1 inch pieces, longan in halves, and toddy palm seeds and young coconut meat in larger slices. Cut ai-yu jelly in 1 inch cubes.

prep your fruits

In a large bowl, pour coconut milk and the juice from the young coconut meat can. Taste the mixture, and add juice from your preferred canned fruit if you like a sweeter taste. We personally prefer lychee and add 1/4 cup at a time to adjust sweetness.

prep your coconut sauce

refrigerate and enjoy!

Pour in your prepared fruits in your large bowl and mix. Refrigerate for 2 hours, or add ice before serving.