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As we were walking around West Nanjing Road, we came across a food plaza and decided to take a look. It was basically a small mall filled with restaurants. We decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant (no surprise here) called Watami. Watami Japanese Dining is a franchise that you can find around the world, and we weren’t even aware!

They had amazing looking bento box for lunch so that’s what we opted for. We chose the cold soba noodle with assortment of tempura. It also came with a donburi (bowl of rice topped with something on top). You could chose between a salmon and salmon egg roe donburi or a gyudon (stir fried beef with onions).

居食屋和民 Watami Japanese Dining Shanghai

How amazing all of these looks?! That whole set was about 80 RMB.

What it all came with:

  • Miso soup
  • Soba noodle with dipping sauce and green onions
  • Ginger
  • Green Salad
  • Assorted Tempura
  • Donburi

居食屋和民 Watami Japanese Dining Shanghai

The assorted tempura was good. The tempura was light, crispy and fresh. It included shrimps, zucchini and a lotus root.

居食屋和民 Watami Japanese Dining Shanghai

It was our first time trying cold soba noodle. They don’t really have a particular taste. They’re a bit chewy, like ramen noodle, and taste great with the soya based sauce! Very refreshing on a cold day. The portion were HUGE, and we couldn’t nearly finish our plate.

居食屋和民 Watami Japanese Dining Shanghai

Alvin opted for the salmon and salmon egg roe rice bowl. Do you notice something?!… Because we sure did! The salmon egg roe is nowhere to be seen!!! They used tobiko instead. A bit disappointing, but it was still delicious. The salmon was so fresh! The rice was also seasoned right AKA it was actual sushi rice, which is what should be used for this kind of rice bowl. Yay! We were pleasantly surprised.

居食屋和民 Watami Japanese Dining Shanghai

I chose the gyudon. I’ve always wanted to taste a good gyudon since I’ve been watching the youtuber ItsJudysLife. Her husband make the best looking gyudon and always makes me crave some even though I’ve never tasted a legit one. This one was delicous! The egg was soft (very rare to find in China), the beef was tender and juicy, and the pink ginger gave it just the right kick it needed!

There’s different location in Shanghai and we’ll definitely be going back if we ever crave a good bento box.

Food: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Ambiance: 8/10


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