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I brought my mom to La Maison Boulud to celebrate Mother’s Day. We both had never been and I heard they had a beautiful garden right beside their terrace. As this restaurant is located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I was expecting to be impress by the decor and I wasn’t disappointed. My mom and I love french inspired architecture and the terrace reminded my mom of the days she use to live in Paris. She was pleased, and so was I!

We went for lunch, and since we didn’t know what to order we opted for the tasting menu. My mom started with bruschettas topped with fried sardine and a salami-kinda-meat which I forgot the name. I’m aware that the menu is changing few times a year (or more?) but if this dish is on it, you should totally order it! It was our favourite thing from what we ordered. The bread was perfectly toasted and everything completed each other very well.

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I ordered the chill pea soup with mint. I do not think I ever had cold soup and it wasn’t bad but I will say that I’d rather have a soup that is warmed up. I did enjoy the dish anyways, as it was very refreshing and the touch of mint was very enjoyable.

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For the main course, my mom ordered the fish of the day which ended being the black cod, her favourite fish! It was served with a eggplant based sauce which my mom enjoyed. However, we both felt like there was too much spices on the fish that overpowered its delicate flavour.

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I decided to order the sauerkraut, which is also one of my mom’s favourite dish. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically pickled cabbage topped with potatoes and a variety of meat. Mine came with pork belly, a sausage and a fried ball filled with pork meat and, of course, potatoes! This was one of the best sauerkraut I’ve had and my mom loved it too. The cabbage was very sour, which is what it’s suppose to be, and the sausage was so juicy and tender it melted in my mouth.

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We finished our meal with a cheese duo plate. I do not remember the name of either of them (Oops!) but they were both fantastic. I never actually liked a blue cheese but this one was so soft in flavour that I really enjoyed it. It was paired perfectly with the apple sauce and lightly toasted bread. Talking about bread, they get bonus point for this amazing bread filled with yummy goodies. Sorry for the half-eaten cheese plate picture, we couldn’t help ourselves!

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The service was impeccable and and the ambiance was nice. Although I don’t think it’s appropriate with a casual day out with your girlfriends as the clientele is more mature and uptight, it is the perfect place to bring your mom and impress her with your choice of restaurant!

Food: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Service: 8.5/10

Ambiance: 7.5/10

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