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We’ve been dreaming to go to Hawaii for a very long time because their culture seems so relax and calming, and their food looks amazing! If you didn’t know, a lot of their dish is influenced by the asian culture. One of our favourite Hawaiian dish is Poke! Poke is a dish consisting of marinated raw fish on top of Japanese rice. So you better believe us that we were SO excited when our friend told us that Le Poké Bar was going to open on Crescent Street in Downtown Montreal.

They had a soft opening on May 4th, and we decided to give it a try the day after. Right when you enter the restaurant, you can see they tried to go with an “Modern Ocean” kind of vibe which was nice and refreshing. We ordered 2 Maui bowl from the pre-set menu. You can chose the fish and other ingredients to put in your bowl too (similar to subway service) but we opted for the Maui since it looked pretty appetizing.

Poke Bar Restaurant Montreal Maui Bowl

The Maui bowl had salmon, mangoes, cucumbers, lettuce and avocado. They let you chose your type of rice you want, and we opted for white rice. You can also chose the sauce, which Alvin chose the house one (Kind of a Teriyaki sauce) and I chose spicy mayo. We immediately regretted our choice as it did not go very well together, we would recommend the shoyu sauce which is the traditional sauce that usually goes with Poke (but at that time, we forgot, oops!).

The portion were really generous and the staff is very friendly. We love the concept of the restaurant and the Maui bowl was good, although it wasn’t what you would expect from a traditional Poke. Our only complaint was the rice – it either wasn’t Japanese rice or it wasn’t cooked right as it was a bit dry.

Food: 7.5/10

Price: 7.5/10

Service: 8.5/10



  1. Bee May 11, 2016 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    Hehehhe I am that friend that told you about it!! Hihihihi
    I had the kahuna! The tuna one and I made the smart decision to take the classic sauce LOL and it was yummy XD lucky me!! There was kale and fish eggs and…. stuff that I forgot. You know how my memory is very bad LOL I wish they had the classic shoyu ahi poke though. But I will be coming back! Hihihihii

    • coupleeatsfood May 25, 2016 at 9:35 pm - Reply

      You will sure do comeback LOL 😛 We’ll come visit you during the summer 🙂

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