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As per usual, we were craving sushi. We promise, that’s not all what we eat! (although deep down we wish we did haha) We went for lunch at Classic Sushi (or 伊秀寿司 in Chinese, which is probably your best bet to find it.) near our apartment. They have several locations across Shanghai and they all have really good ratings on Dianping, the yelp of China.

We came in at around 11 o’clock and people were already eating in the restaurant. By 12pm you can imagine it was packed with people, even though it was a Thursday afternoon. We decided to sit on the tables by the side rather than next to the conveyor belt since it wasn’t moving when we arrived, but after about 30 minutes it was up and running.

They have a lunch menu where you can chose from their regular menu items at a discounted price. Alvin chose the tempura udon noodle soup, I opted for the BBQ pork miso ramen soup, and we share a nigiri platter. There it was, the biggest order mistake I’ve made in a very long time.

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I was craving ramen (or when am I never craving it?) and was so excited to see it on the menu. But please, be warned, this soup tasted nothing like miso but rather water mixed with BBQ sauce, and it was definitely missing salt. The noodles itself were good, the pork could have been tender and the rest was just OK. However, the good side is that the price was only 32 Yuan (approx. 6.40 CAD).

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Alvin ordered one of his favourite thing in the world and it was pretty good. It came with a small plate of tempura, i.e one shrimp and tons of onions and yam (sweet potato). The tempura batter was good, but we felt like it wasn’t the best combo with the udon soup. The price for this meal was also very reasonable at 28 Yuan (approx. 5.6 CAD).

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We couldn’t resist ordering a platter of sushi. We decided on a mix of 8 flame torched nigiris. Let us tell you… It was BOMB. The pieces of fish just melt in your mouth, and the combination with the Japanese mayo makes everything silky smooth. For a price of 58 Yuan (approx. 11.6 CAD), we felt it was worth it.

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We finished with a mango sago drink. The mango flavour took me back in my childhood, as it tasted that very strong artificial asian mango. The drink was very (too?) sweet and the sago was nowhere to be seen. At 15 yuan (3$), I wouldn’t order it again.

They also gave us 2 free desserts. A mango pudding and a sweet warm soup. (If you didn’t know, it’s very common for Chinese to eat sweet soup as a dessert, as they don’t usually like overly sweet things.) Very nice touch!

Food: 7/10

Service: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Ambiance: 8/10


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