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Alvin is a big amateur of fish and I’ve always wanted to bring him to Brit & Chips to taste their Fish & Chips. The other we were wondering what to order for lunch and realized that they had a home delivery service. At first we thought this might be a bad idea since, let’s face it, it had a good chance to become all mushy by the time it would get to the house.

We ordered through Just-Eat and it came in a breaking record of about 20 minutes! We were so pleased and surprised to open our boxes to find hot and crispy fish & chips!

Alvin ordered the cod with burgundy batter. You have the choice to order a full or half portion and we both opted for the full, which were very generous! The cod was so tender and juicy, and the batter was very crispy and light at the same time. One of the thing I really don’t think about deep fried things is when it is too oily, but this fish was perfect!

Brit & Chips Restaurant Review

I ordered the haddock with maple syrup batter. The batter wasn’t as crunchy than the burgundy one but I quite enjoyed the sweet side of it. The fish was also cooked very well, but I think the cod is just naturally more tender (Maybe because it’s more fatty? I’m not a fish expert so I wouldn’t really know haha.).

Brit & Chips Restaurant Review

Both of the fishes came with chips, obviously, and tartare sauce, which were both very good. We would definitely be ordering more in the future!

Food: 8.5/10

Price: 8.5/10

Service: 9.5/10 (Very quick delivery!)

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