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Few days ago, we decided to conquer the heat and visit the Lujiazui Area in Pudong, Shanghai. If you’re not familiar with this place, it’s where you can find the Oriental Pearl Tower (now if you don’t know what that is… We can’t help you just google it haha).

We went and visited the IFC mall and the Super Brand mall. As we said in our previous post, Shanghai is huuuuuge. And because of the heat, we didn’t feel like walking much so we preferred staying inside the malls, which the two were across from each other.

We had been craving sushi for a few days now and discovered that Genki Sushi had a franchise in the IFC mall. When we visited Tokyo last year, we ate there and loved their train self-served concept. Although the one in Shanghai is not the same, we decided to eat there.

Genki Sushi Japan Genki Sushi Japan Genki Sushi Japan Genki Sushi Japan

The nigiris and sushis were good and the quality of the fish was fresh. If you never went to a kaiten sushi restaurant, you pick the plates from the conveyor belt in front of you and the prices depend on the color of the plate. We ate in total 9 plates and ordered one drink and it cost us in total 188 RMB (approx. 37.6 CAD). It was more expensive than in Japan, but the quality was similar. We recommend the grilled salmon!

We then stopped by the Hagen Dazs in the Super Brand mall. We were craving something sweet (as per usual) and ordered a vanilla latte and a belgian chocolate dessert plate.

Hagen Dazs Hagen Dazs

The vanilla latte cost us 35 RMB (approx. 7 CAD) which was not worth it at all. It  was basically a tall glass of milk with a tint of coffee. The plate was very good as we love belgian chocolate. The cake was rich and moist, and the portion was perfect for 2 people to share. We don’t remember the price but it was expensive (of course!).

We filmed our first vlog that day!!! We’re so excited for this new journey and we hope that you’ll like our vlog that will capture some snaps of our travel adventures.

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