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We’ve been apartment hunting around Shanghai for the past couple of days, and let me tell you: it’s exhausting!! Shanghai is huge and we basically spent our days walking very long distances from one apartment to another (mind you they’re all in the same neighborhood). The other day we were so busy looking for a place that we decided to forego lunch (not a good idea) which resulted in us being a hungry mess by 5 pm. When we saw the sign for Outback Steakhouse, we immediately got really excited at the thought of stuffing our faces with some good ol’ steak and a side of crispy french fries. So off we went to Outback Steakhouse, and they had so many tempting items on their menu that we didn’t end up ordering the steak (oops).

For appetizer, we ordered crispy fried calamari, which came with aioli sauce and sweet chilli sauce. It was very well cooked and seasoned, and the sauces were amaze-balls. The aioli sauce tasted kind of like a tartar sauce that you would get in a fish and chips dish. The sweet chilli sauce had Asian flavours to it, the kind that you would dip your spring roll. They were both excellent, but the aioli sauce was the true winner, since it was really a better suit for the fried calamaris.


We both ordered the same main course; “California Burger”. It’s basically made of beef patty, bacon, onions, pickles, cheese, tomatoes, and the star of the show, some guacamole! The burger was great, the flavours of all the ingredients blend together really well, and the touch of guacamole really makes the burger that much more delicious and creamier. You can also choose the cook of the beef patty, which was really nice. But one thing to note is that, it’s a pretty huge burger. We could barely keep the burger together as we were eating it, and it kept on falling apart. Let’s just say the whole burger-eating experience was just a hot mess. But it was delicious! It also came with a side of french fries, which were good, but nothing outside of the ordinary.


Overall, we really liked what we ordered at Outback Steakhouse. The calamaris were excellent, the burgers were delicious, and the portions are big. The prices were on the more expensive side, which is understandable considering pretty much all Western chain restaurants in China are expensive. But it is very filling and satisfying if you’re craving some Western food, and we would definitely go back.

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Price: 8/10



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