Favourite Breakfast in Shanghai, China

We've been in Shanghai for almost 3 months now! We can't believe how fast time has gone. So little update for you guys (If you don't care for an update, you can just continue to scroll down below to discover our favourite Chinese breakfast!), we are now taking mandarin classes and are quite busy. Our University [...]

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Dinner at Outback Steakhouse | COUPLE EATS OUT

We've been apartment hunting around Shanghai for the past couple of days, and let me tell you: it's exhausting!! Shanghai is huge and we basically spent our days walking very long distances from one apartment to another (mind you they're all in the same neighborhood). The other day we were so busy looking for a [...]

Lunch at Watami Japanese Dining 居食屋和民, Shanghai | COUPLE EATS OUT

As we were walking around West Nanjing Road, we came across a food plaza and decided to take a look. It was basically a small mall filled with restaurants. We decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant (no surprise here) called Watami. Watami Japanese Dining is a franchise that you can find around the world, and we [...]

Dinner at Bali Bistro, Shanghai | COUPLE EATS OUT

We've been in Shanghai for 3 weeks now and we've pretty much gotten used to eating Chinese food all the time at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Chinese food, especially all the varieties of stir-fried vegetables. But growing up in an Indonesian household where we ate Indonesian food almost everyday, I can't help but crave [...]

Lunch at Calix, Shanghai | COUPLE EATS OUT

When you think of Shanghai, districts such as Xintiandi is not the first thing you think of. Restored old Chinese and European style buildings, cobbled pedestrian streets, restaurants with beautiful terraces set up outside, these are one of the many things that make Xintiandi such an interesting area. As we were strolling through Xintiandi, we [...]

Lunch at Classic Sushi 伊秀寿司, Shanghai | COUPLE EATS OUT

As per usual, we were craving sushi. We promise, that's not all what we eat! (although deep down we wish we did haha) We went for lunch at Classic Sushi (or 伊秀寿司 in Chinese, which is probably your best bet to find it.) near our apartment. They have several locations across Shanghai and they all have [...]