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About Us

Hi guys and welcome to our blog! As you’ve guessed it if you read the title of this blog, we’re a couple (no duh). We currently live in Montreal, Canada, and food has always been a passion of ours. No, really, whenever we’re not eating, we think about food. Food plays such a huge role in our lives, having been raised by Asian families where food is often at the center of all family gatherings. And one of the things we love doing together is cooking. For us, it’s not just the eating part (of course, that’s still the best part) that makes us happy. The meal prep and cooking part is a great way for us to spend time together (washing the dishes afterwards is another story).


Having a combination of¬†Chinese and Indonesian backgrounds, we love to cook recipes that we learn from our family and that we eat growing up. Being raised in a multicultural country like Canada also allowed us to be exposed to so many different kinds of food from all around the world, and that’s the inspiration for our blog. We hope to be able to share with you food that we grew up with¬†and our culinary adventures in discovering new, exciting recipes.

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